Debunking Fake News

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.”― Mark Twain

Micheal T. Hurley author of I Solemnly Swear; Conmen, DEA, the Media and Pan Am 103,  refused to be a placid victim when the mainstream media cast him as instrumental in causing the terrorist bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. Three libel actions in the Queen’s High Court of Justice in London, England focused on court admissible evidence to debunk the libelous propaganda. That propaganda targeted him and his US government employer, the Drug Enforcement Administration, (DEA) as scapegoats for acts of terrorism spawned by Libya’s Intelligence Organization.

Micheal, one of the founding members of the Southwest Washington Writers, works with the group in the production and promotion of their annual writers conferences.

He is also the author of Offbeat, with Oxnard’s Finest, a humorous take on life behind the badge, which chronicles offbeat events from the early years of his law enforcement career.

Both of his books are available on Amazon and most online bookstores.

Micheal spent more than fifty years in law enforcement and retired as a supervisory special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He served as a full-time law enforcement officer for over thirty-two years, six-and-a-half with the Oxnard Police Department as a patrol officer, and detective. While with DEA his foreign assignments were in outposts such as Ankara, Turkey, and Kabul, Afghanistan.  Along with his wife, Carol, Micheal served six years on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus with area responsibility for Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel.  His domestic assignments included Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Little Rock, New York, and Seattle.

His current law enforcement affiliations include being a life member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the board chairman of the Law Enforcement Association of Southwest Washington and the vice president of the International Police Association’s Region 24. He is a member of the Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association and the Association of Federal Narcotic Agents. Micheal is also a charter member of the Oxnard Police Alumni Association, commonly known as The Fuzz That Wuzz.

Visit Micheal’s website,

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